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Heroes of a Broken Land Alpha 0.2.0

Version Alpha 0.2.0 has just been released.  You can try it out here: (Click here for a larger version)

You can still order it a the low pre-order rate of $5 right here  Buy Now

What’s new in 0.2.0?

  • Outposts – new worlds will have a few small towns scattered about, you can try and convince them to join you
  • Improved combat balance – your first party shouldn’t be getting chewed up by bats and rats so easily
  • Some UI improvments, and a number of smaller bug fixes

Unfortunately Alpha 0.2.0 is not compatible with older saved games.

People who have already preordered will be getting an email with download instructions shortly.

I’m looking for artists to help me make this game even better, I have posted some details here:

I’ve been getting reports of people not able to use the towns.  If you have this problem I’d love to know what browser & platform (pc, mac, etc) you have.

You can reach me anytime:  To just tweet me @AndrewEllem.  Feel to report any bugs you find or suggestions you have and help me make a better game!

Heroes of a Broken Land Plans

So the first playable version of HOBL has just been released – Alpha 0.1.0.  Try it out here.

What does Alpha mean? First it means the game isn’t finished.  However it doesn’t mean you can’t play and enjoy it.  There’s still lots you can actually do right now:

  • Create new worlds of a variety of sizes – none are ever the same
  • Countless of dungeons to explore, fight and find loot in
  • Wide variety of monsters to battle
  • Recruit a variety of heroes to your cause, and form multiple parties
  • Huge overworld maps to explore for treasure and secrets

So if that’s what the first verions has, what exactly is missing?  Well the next version will add:

  • Capturable towns – like dungeons, but when you capture them you’ll be able to manage them just like your home town
  • More traps – currently the only trap is a floor spike trap.  A variety of trap types will be added over time.  At least one new trap type will be in the next release.
  • Better balance in monsters a player classes
  • And of course, a variety of bug fixes

Longer term, I plan on adding

  • Non-human hero races (and not elves or dwarves!), which you’ll have to befriend or conquer before recruiting
  • More dungeon variety, including secrets, multiple floors and puzzles
  • More content in general: items, monsters, skills, world map events and interesting dungeon objects

Stay tuned, and have fun!

You can read some more detailed plans in the forums:

Heroes of a Broken Land Alpha

Heroes of a Broken Land is a new RPG in the classic style.  Each game a entire unique world is generated.  Explore new worlds, search dungeons, find loot and fight hoards of creatures in turn-based combat.

You can try the game out for free right here: (Click here for a larger version)

Buy Now

Heroes of a Broken Land is still in Alpha, but will be coming soon to PC, Mac and Linux.

What will the complete verion have?

  • Lots more unique buildings and places to visit
  • Diverse and devious enemies to fight
  • Complex quests and dungeons, including secret rooms, nefarious traps and puzzles
  • More playable races, each with unique powers and abilities
  • More customization options, so you can expore the worlds you want
  • Much more!

Better yet you can pre-order the game today, at a special low price.  This gives you access to downloadable builds of the game as it develops.