Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 7.2 Released

No big news here – Beta 7.2 fixes some save game issues people had with Beta 7.0, and hopefully fixes the auto patching (which will make future updates easier!)

Unfortuately the updater in Beta 7.0 was broken so you’ll have to update manually (this link is in the update message!)

2 thoughts on “Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 7.2 Released

  1. Joseph Stottner

    Hello! I never received the email updates for 7.0 or 7.2; I am a backer, and, had received all of the previous update emails. Since the auto-update is broken, I can’t update it to 7.2 without the manual link. Thanks, in advance!

    1. Andrew Ellem Post author

      I’ve sent you an email. If you don’t receive it, there maybe an issue with you spam settings? Let me know if there’s an issue (andrew@wingedpixel.com)

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