Heroes of a Broken Land is an RPG like no other. Turn-based dungeon crawling combined with town building and multiple parties.

Choose a Wizard and rebuild the Broken Lands!


"Heroes of a Broken Land might be the last turn-based RPG you ever need"
PC Gamer

"Itís a fantastic mix of classics such as Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master, Heroes of Might and Magic, Wizardry and even a few modern titles such as Legend of Grimrock and other turn-based RPGís. Fans of these classics will almost immediately fall in love with Heroes of a Broken Land and itís classic Role-Playing feel."

"The sheer scope and ambition of the game is pretty remarkable."


  • Procedurally generated worlds and dungeons for unlimted replay
  • Customize your world - from tiny worlds to epic adventures
  • Choose one of six Wizards to control, each with a unique power
  • Build your town and ally with others to expand your kingdom
  • 15 classes and races of heroes to recruit
  • Command multiple parties of adventurers
  • Explore epic multi-party dungeons
  • Battle challenging monsters, face devious traps


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