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Heroes of a Broken Land – Alpha 0.6.0

Alpha 0.6.0 is out, with lots of updates!

Check it out here: Heroes of a Broken Land

  • New Recruits – you can now select the class of Lv1 recruits, plus new recruits now have the chance of special traits – both positive and negative.
  • Rescue Parties – Party death is no longer final, you can now form rescue parties and retrieve your fallen heroes by finding their final resting place and returning them to town
  • Level Up – you now control how character attributes are assigned on level up, giving more control over your player’s progression
  • Improved quest system with a new quest log, this will allow for better, more complex quests, including a more involved main quest.
  • A new playable race: The Golem.  Golems are not living creatures, they are built-to-order automatons that you can customize for your needs.
  • Loot quality and quantity rates have been tuned, so you should be getting better treasure more often
  • Plus lots of minor and major fixes to the game

Don’t for get to pre-order the game to access to downloadable Windows and Mac builds: Buy Now

Quest Log

Quest Log

Recruitment Screen

Recruitment Screen

Rescue your fallen Heroes

Rescue your fallen Heroes

Level up your Heroes

Level up your Heroes

Updated Monster Sprites

Check out some of the new monster sprites we have!

bat_idle_sample bat_side_anim_1 slime_idle slime_side_anim_2 rat_side_anim1 rat_idle_anim_1

Compared them to the old versions to see just how improved they are:

vampire_bat_idle_0000 rat_attack_0000 slime_idle_0000

Piece by piece my programmer art is getting updated.  More updates soon!

Heroes of a Broken Land Alpha 0.5.0

Version 0.5.0 is now out!  Try it here: Heroes of a Broken Land

Lots of new features added:

  • New playable race – the Fae, with their own town type
  • New elite character classes – Mage, Fighter, Rogue and Priest all now have 2 special classes they can upgrade to, if they meet the requirements.
  • Wandering monsters now roam the world.  Keep your dungeons clean or face potential damage and destruction of your towns!
Monster Seige

A wandering monsters is attacking our town!

  • Many new town buildings: Temple, Arena, Guard Towers, Enchanter and Alchemist
  • Charcters now have Armor types, so no more Plate Mail equipped Mages
New Stats Screen

Showing the new Armor classes

So Alpha 0.5.0 brings quite a bit to the table.  Slowly but surely Heroes of a Broken Land is coming together.  There aren’t that many large features left to implement.  The biggest missing feature is the quest generator and one more playable race still to add.  Next is improving dungeons – mostly adding variety and puzzles.

Last but not least are the graphics.   Stay tuned because some big graphic updates are in the works!