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Town Art Update

I’ve been teasing the new town backgrounds, and actually released the main town background in 0.9.2, but that was just a taste.  Here’s a quick look at some of the new building art:


A new version with updated town art should be out “soon”


New Town Backgrounds – Preview

Nathan, the artist who’s responsible for the character portraits, has started reworking a lot of my placeholder art. Here’s a preview of the new town background artwork.

Quite the improvement over the current backgrounds. What do you think?

Lizardmen Swamp

Lizardmen Swamp

Fae Forest

Fae Forest

Human Outpost

Human Outpost

Artificer Desert

Artificer Desert




UI Update Preview

I’ve been working on reworking the in game UI, cleaning up some the the buttons and adding just a bit of flare and a neat feature to two – like the new compass at the top.

 What do you think?

New UI and Portraits

New UI and New Portraits

New Portraits Preview

You can’t have Heroes of a Broken Land without heroes.  The new Hero portraits are almost ready, with lots more detail and variation than the current portraits.


Check out some of the variety here:

hobl_humans hobl_lizards hobl_fae hobl_golem


Updated Monster Sprites

Check out some of the new monster sprites we have!

bat_idle_sample bat_side_anim_1 slime_idle slime_side_anim_2 rat_side_anim1 rat_idle_anim_1

Compared them to the old versions to see just how improved they are:

vampire_bat_idle_0000 rat_attack_0000 slime_idle_0000

Piece by piece my programmer art is getting updated.  More updates soon!