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Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 6.0!

Beta 6.0 is now out in the wild, this update includes new dungeon graphics and a new UI look, among many other fixes and changes. Try out Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 6.0 for yourself.

Changes in Beta 6.0:

  • Dungeon texture update – most dungeon textures have been updated to better match UI resolution
  • UI graphics updated
  • Added quit button
  • Added some new events to make waiting too long a poor strategy
  • Prices adjusted (mostly up) for skills in world trainers
  • Forge graphics updated
  • Fix scroll bar behaviour, should be better behaved
  • Various typos and formatting issues fixed
  • Tweaked difficulty of higher level monsters (a bit harder now at higher levels
  • [Demo Only] – display demo info and fix XP loss when max level reached
  • Updated bug auto-reporting to supply some world info
  • [Windows Only] Patching is automated, no more manually unzipping
    NOTE: this will only take affect after Beta 6.0, so if you do have issues with patching I suggest re-downloading the full game.


Updated UI

I’ve been spending the last little while updating the UI.

In the Alpha build the UI was very simple and looked like a prototype. Function over form. In the first Beta build I updated the UI’s look a little – cleaned up icons, better layout, etc – but it was still very plain.

Keeping the UI simple has actually saved me a lot of development time, because I never cared too much about how it looked, it was easy to re-do screens and rearrange the UI layout.

However a gray background doesn’t cut it for the full game. Now that the game’s features have been pretty much implemented, I’ve been spending some time updating the look.

What do you think?


I’ll probably touch it up a little bit before it’s complete, but the overall direction I’m pretty happy with so far.

Heroes of a Broken Land – Beta 5.0

A new day, a new version: Heroes of a Broken land Beta 5.0!

Lots of improvements all around, tons of new world events that give quests, some involving multiple dungeons, giving you a much more lively world. Plus the much-requested auto attack button, for those easier encounters.

List of Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where multi-floor dungeons could change on reload
  • Auto-attack toggle added, automatic melee attacks for easy encounters
  • Added basic mini-map feature to the world
  • World monster made more dangerous, damage is % of total gold, monsters are more agressive
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now user-configurable
  • You can now select your party by keyboard (1, 2, 3, etc)
  • Added basic Dungeon generating events – random dungeon creation w/reward
  • Fix potential crash with certain events on Tiny sized worlds,
  • Tiny worlds are a little bit bigger
  • Rescue quests/events added
  • Treasure hunt quests added
  • Artifact quest added
  • Custom portraits
World Map

World Map