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Heroes of a Broken Land – Beta 4.0

Once again Heroes of a Broken Land has been updated and now downloadable.

Upated builds should be available on Desura and GamersGate “soon”

What’s new in Beta 4.0?

  • Game now downloads new versions automatically (full auto-patching still TODO)
  • Fix Spell Focus and Healing Prayer skills to properly boost damage/healing
  • Event system upgrade – multi-stage events, world awareness (karma, danger levels, etc)
  • Undead Hoards & Rat Plague Events added – quest spawing events
  • Alchemist Huts can now be found on the world map
  • Fix bug where reloading on turn 1 would give a new party
  • Higher level recruits may now be from Elite classes


What’s coming next?

The event system upgrade should mean that games become more interesting and varies.  I will be adding more world events as well as adding more detailed and complex events. The choices you make will have consequences, both short and long term.

I will start taking a second look at shops and trainers, balancing their prices and skill availability.

Plus I’m going to start filling in some basic missing functionality that I’ve been promising: keyboard customization and customizable portraits.

We’re getting closer and closer to the final 1.0!

Heroes of a Broken Land Updated – Beta 3.0

Beta 3.0 is now out!

A much requested feature has been added: help screens! Now you can see the various classes and their skills. You can also read up on defated monsters.

There was also quite a bit of skill balancing, especially Fae and Lizards, but Priests and Mages also now have some new unique skills.  Unfortunately if you’re using a save game from a previous version your skills won’t be updated.

  • Help Menu (shows class skill list, building info and monster stats)
  • Tweak loot drops (slightly more armor drops)
  • World object tool tips
  • Speed now has more influence on action timings
  • Lizard skill tree adjusted, many more unique options on level up
  • Fae skill tree adjusted, Fae’s main attack changed to Fae Blast an upgradeable, unique spell
  • Mage and Priest skills adjusted, now more difference between classes
  • Skill descriptions now show stat adjustments
  • Ice Storm skill fixed, Ice Elementals should behave better
  • Skill selection now keyboard selectable
  • Fixed crash when player had 100% resistance
  • Fixed bug where Golem, Fae and Lizards could become Adventurers


Heroes of a Broken Land Updated – Beta 2.0

Beta 2.0 is here!

This update fixes a few important bugs and adds some new objects to dungeons.  This should help make each dungeons more varied and make exploring them less predictable.

  • Fix town alliances (broken in Beta 1.0), towns should give out quests again
  • Fix dungeon layout changing on reload
  • Added altars: pray for help, you may be ignored, receieve a blessing or even a curse
  • Added map jammers: magic pillars that prevent automapping an area (makes labyrinths much more fun!)
  • Added secret doors, so keep your eyes out!
  • Added jails: they contain monsters or heroes, but which one?
  • Plus lots of minor tweaks and fixes

hobl_jail hobl_void_altar

Heroes of a Broken Land is Beta!

Beta is a major milestone for the game, but there’s still lots to do!

The game is also now on Steam’s Greenlight, and hopfully with you help will one day be available for purchase from Steam.  Don’t forget to vote Yes, it’s appreciated!

Between Beta and the Final version dungeon variety will be improved, with new traps and interactive objects. The game needs some balancing work, espeically with non-human classses and the end game.  Of course all bugs must be squashed and there are 100s of little issues to address before the final version can be released.


  • World tiles art updated
  • Farm & Inn art updated
  • Downloadable demo version added, Demo versions have level cap
  • New music, longer loops
  • Credits screen added
  • Message log ordering & fade tweaked
  • World Generation settings tweaked (larger worlds mostly)
  • Fix crash when party is defeated in first dungeon, on first turn
  • Fix Witch’s Hut
  • Fix Weak spell castable outside of combat
  • Fix 1st level recruits not having selectable classes
  • Fix corrupted save game issue
  • Fix issue with doors and switches disappearing (hopefully)
  • Fixed bug when switches share a wall
  • Numerous minor bugs and tweaks