Heroes of a Broken Land – Beta 4.0

Once again Heroes of a Broken Land has been updated and now downloadable.

Upated builds should be available on Desura and GamersGate “soon”

What’s new in Beta 4.0?

  • Game now downloads new versions automatically (full auto-patching still TODO)
  • Fix Spell Focus and Healing Prayer skills to properly boost damage/healing
  • Event system upgrade – multi-stage events, world awareness (karma, danger levels, etc)
  • Undead Hoards & Rat Plague Events added – quest spawing events
  • Alchemist Huts can now be found on the world map
  • Fix bug where reloading on turn 1 would give a new party
  • Higher level recruits may now be from Elite classes


What’s coming next?

The event system upgrade should mean that games become more interesting and varies.  I will be adding more world events as well as adding more detailed and complex events. The choices you make will have consequences, both short and long term.

I will start taking a second look at shops and trainers, balancing their prices and skill availability.

Plus I’m going to start filling in some basic missing functionality that I’ve been promising: keyboard customization and customizable portraits.

We’re getting closer and closer to the final 1.0!