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Exploring New Worlds

When I first started working on Heroes of a Broken Land, one desire was to provide the experience of exploration. I want Heroes of a Broken Land to evoke the thrills of exploration and discovery.


From mapping a new dungeon, hunting for treasure to simply wandering through the world taking in new sights, I love exploring in games.  The feeling of coming across something new and interesting drives me forward. Beyond games, exploring unknown locations is also a personal drive – I love to travel.

Exploration is one reason Heroes of a Broken Land uses procedural generation so heavily.  How else can each game give you that sense of a new land to explore?  I wanted a game that could surprise its creator, and evoke the thrill of discovery each time you play.  I want people who play HOBL to feel that sense of discovery at each game, at every turn and through each dungeon.

So if I do my job properly, I’ll create a game that can provide endless worlds to explore, each with its own treasures to discover.  So launch up Heroes of a Broken Land and start exploring!