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Heroes of a Broken Land Version 1.10

A new version of Heroes of a Broken Land is available!

hobl_serpent_110_960Version 1.10 brings a bunch of new content, with over 20 new monsters to fight, plus some new Steam achievements and the usual round of fixes.

hobl_zombie_110_960Version 1.10

  • Bears, Serpents, Zombies and more! 20 new monsters added.
  • Monster information is now per-Wizard, not per-Game
  • Monster quantity added to game customization options
  • Retroactively add core class skills (fixes skill changes to classes in previous updates)
  • New Steam Achievement, some achievement targets have been reduced
  • Add message when waiting/passing in a dungeon
  • Fix issue where battle can hang after merging parties
  • Fix arrow directions on descending dungeons