Development Log 9 – So it’s August already…

Where’s Heroes of a Broken Land 2?

It’s almost ready for early access. I’ve been doing end to end testing, trying to beat a very small game. I’ve been fixing critical bugs and improving the critical UI issues as I go. Unfortunately each time I find a critical issue, such as a bug in save games, I need to start over. So it takes time unfortunately.

The good news is I’m mostly happy with the dungeon pacing and I think the gameplay is fairly balanced at the lower levels so it should be a good base to build on.

Will it be ready in August? Maybe…

I’d rather have a solid first release than make some arbitrary date, so it won’t be released until I think the game is ready for early access. Currently I’m mostly looking for game breaking bugs that will completely prevent progress. If I don’t find any in about a week of testing then I’ll consider the game ready for public consumption.

It will take a week or so before a build of the game would be approved for release by Steam. This means if I’m not happy with the current status of game in the next week or two then it won’t be out for August

Will it be ready for September? Very very likely.

Right now it’s heads down, fix and polish.