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Toronto Global Game Jam 2014 – Echo Chamber

After releasing Heroes of a Broken Land on Monday, I was pretty rushed to get ready for the Toronto Global Game Jam. This was my first Game Jam so I was pretty excited, the organizers did a great job and a lot of fun was had by all.

I took the opportunity to dust off my Oculus Rift Dev Kit, which I’d been ignoring for far too long. I wanted to put together something that was technically interesting to me and also made use of the unique interface of VR.

The result was Echo Chamber:


It doesn’t look like much with our a Oculus head set, but the premise is really simple: you see by echo location.  It’s not the first game to try this out, heck I don’t think it’s even the first one called Echo Chamber!  Still, I’m happy with the result and am finally able to share my first “complete” Oculus Rift demo.

Feel free to check it out:
PC Build
Mac Build
Unity Project