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Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 7.9 Released!

Another week, another update!  Beta 7.9 is mostly fixes, not a lot of new stuff.

Check out the demo and more info about Heroes of a Broken Land.

One major fix is the restoration of numerous world objects, which were missing from newly generated worlds.  This restores access to 3 of the elite classes.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Improve monster info picking, now accurately selects from back rows
  • Fix issue with monster info now showing up after summoning and row change
  • Only show info from monsters in the current battle
  • Prevent monster info from persisting between battles
  • Fix world keyboard scrolling w/arrow keys
  • Restore unique world objects (Oops, I can’t believe how long this was broken….)
  • Restore access to 3 elite classes
  • Fix Windows XP patching issue
  • Add Gamma slider to game menu
  • Fade out objects when in battle
  • Removed master Volume control, now just Music and Sound
  • Fix tutorial text going off screen
  • Adventure message log now updates while open
  • Fix bug where mass-targeted skills were too loud
  • More spelling and typo fixes
  • First member is selected by default when opening party menu on world
  • Improved fullscreen support

Version 1.0 and Beyond

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while – to give the Alpha and Beta backers and answer to the question of when Heroes of a Broken Land will actually be finished.

When will Heroes of a Broken Land be released?

The current plan is to release Version 1.0 in mid-January. I’ll announce an exact and official release date in early January.

What will change between the latest Beta (7.8) and 1.0?

Not much. I’ll be continuing to improve the game by fixing bugs and polish the game, but there’s not much left on my task list. Beta 7.9 will possibly be the last Beta version.

As the game stands, I’m quite happy with the experience delivered.  Heroes of a Broken Land provides a light but deep, old-school dungeon crawling experience.  It provides countless worlds and dungons to explore. Combined with the town building, world events, and multiple parties, I believe that Heroes of a Broken Land has a good balance of new and old.  A part of me would be happy to stop here.

What are the plans for post-release updates and support?

I will support the game with bug fixes and support for as long as it’s needed.

Needless to say, I have lots of ideas on how to expand Heroes of a Broken Land, and would love to implement many of them. However, I have no specific plan, no list of features or content, and no date for when or if any updates would arrive. The pace will certainly be slower than the Beta updates, expect months between any substantial updates.

I am also interested in how the game is received. I want player input in how to best evolve Heroes of a Broken Land.  I also need updates to make financial sense.  I’ve been working on the game for almost a full year now, so updates will be somewhat tied to how well the game performs financially.

Either way, Heroes of a Broken Land won’t be abandoned upon release – exciting times are ahead!



Heroes of a Broken Beta 7.8 is Released

Beta 7.8 brings us one step closer to the full release!

The notible changes are custom difficulty levels and monster stats are now visible – once you’ve killed enough monster!

Custom Difficulty SettingsDetailed Monster Info


  • Customizable difficulty levels
  • Monster stats are visible after you’ve killed enough of the same type
  • Difficult & Impossible levels now give a slight xp & item boost by default
  • Fix loading of certain save games broken in 7.7
  • Level up skill selection now properly shows full skill details
  • Spelling mistake and typo fixes
  • Add key binding for world map scrolling
  • Haste spell now correctly outputs a message
  • Adjust fountain hit-test boxes so you can click past them