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Heroes of a Broken Land 1.1

Heroes of a Broken Land version 1.1 was just released.  No major changes in this release, mostly bug fixes and some balancing.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Fix Full Heal Self skill not being usable
  • Fix multi-party dungeons not giving completion XP to all parties
  • Prevent Rat Plague from repeating, it’s a one-time event
  • Adjust Rat Plague event to not occur too early in the game
  • Prevent monsters summoning help when party is full
  • Jammers now hide objects and switches
  • Tweak store UI to stop selling when you click the scroll bar
  • Adjust Mass Resist resistance values (too high compared to Resist)
  • Increase gold dropped by higher level monsters
  • Adjust dungeon level by monster types (affects display/risk only, not gameplay)
  • Fix stun effect, stun effect should delays all actions, prevents counter attacks
  • Fix bug where gold would slowly decrease each turn in some cases
  • Fix issue where events would provide no valid choices, preventing user from choosing any option
  • Fix some spelling mistakes & typos

Most versions should auto patch when you restart the game.  If you have problems auto patching please do let me know ( or just post in the forums.

Toronto Global Game Jam 2014 – Echo Chamber

After releasing Heroes of a Broken Land on Monday, I was pretty rushed to get ready for the Toronto Global Game Jam. This was my first Game Jam so I was pretty excited, the organizers did a great job and a lot of fun was had by all.

I took the opportunity to dust off my Oculus Rift Dev Kit, which I’d been ignoring for far too long. I wanted to put together something that was technically interesting to me and also made use of the unique interface of VR.

The result was Echo Chamber:


It doesn’t look like much with our a Oculus head set, but the premise is really simple: you see by echo location.  It’s not the first game to try this out, heck I don’t think it’s even the first one called Echo Chamber!  Still, I’m happy with the result and am finally able to share my first “complete” Oculus Rift demo.

Feel free to check it out:
PC Build
Mac Build
Unity Project

Heroes of a Broken Land – One Week Later

You can resd some of the early coverage of Heroes of a Broken Land is getting, if you want a second option of the game.

Previews & First Looks

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If you’re intested in doing a review, drop me a line

Heroes of a Broken Land is Out!

A year in the making, Heroes of a Broken Land is finally done! Combining the best of old school dungeon crawling and large world strategy, plus prodedural generate for a new adventure each time you play, Heroes of a Broken Land is not to be missed!

You can learn more about the game, or grab the demo.

Purchase the game directly from Winged Pixel
Purchase the game from Desura
Purchase the game from Gamersgate

The game is also now on Steam’s Greenlight, and hopfully with you help will one day be available for purchase from Steam.  Don’t forget to vote Yes, it’s appreciated!