Heroes of a Broken Land 1.1

Heroes of a Broken Land version 1.1 was just released.  No major changes in this release, mostly bug fixes and some balancing.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Fix Full Heal Self skill not being usable
  • Fix multi-party dungeons not giving completion XP to all parties
  • Prevent Rat Plague from repeating, it’s a one-time event
  • Adjust Rat Plague event to not occur too early in the game
  • Prevent monsters summoning help when party is full
  • Jammers now hide objects and switches
  • Tweak store UI to stop selling when you click the scroll bar
  • Adjust Mass Resist resistance values (too high compared to Resist)
  • Increase gold dropped by higher level monsters
  • Adjust dungeon level by monster types (affects display/risk only, not gameplay)
  • Fix stun effect, stun effect should delays all actions, prevents counter attacks
  • Fix bug where gold would slowly decrease each turn in some cases
  • Fix issue where events would provide no valid choices, preventing user from choosing any option
  • Fix some spelling mistakes & typos

Most versions should auto patch when you restart the game.  If you have problems auto patching please do let me know (andrew@wingedpixel.com) or just post in the forums.