Heroes of a Broken Land Updated – Beta 3.0

Beta 3.0 is now out!

A much requested feature has been added: help screens! Now you can see the various classes and their skills. You can also read up on defated monsters.

There was also quite a bit of skill balancing, especially Fae and Lizards, but Priests and Mages also now have some new unique skills.  Unfortunately if you’re using a save game from a previous version your skills won’t be updated.

  • Help Menu (shows class skill list, building info and monster stats)
  • Tweak loot drops (slightly more armor drops)
  • World object tool tips
  • Speed now has more influence on action timings
  • Lizard skill tree adjusted, many more unique options on level up
  • Fae skill tree adjusted, Fae’s main attack changed to Fae Blast an upgradeable, unique spell
  • Mage and Priest skills adjusted, now more difference between classes
  • Skill descriptions now show stat adjustments
  • Ice Storm skill fixed, Ice Elementals should behave better
  • Skill selection now keyboard selectable
  • Fixed crash when player had 100% resistance
  • Fixed bug where Golem, Fae and Lizards could become Adventurers