Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 6.0!

Beta 6.0 is now out in the wild, this update includes new dungeon graphics and a new UI look, among many other fixes and changes. Try out Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 6.0 for yourself.

Changes in Beta 6.0:

  • Dungeon texture update – most dungeon textures have been updated to better match UI resolution
  • UI graphics updated
  • Added quit button
  • Added some new events to make waiting too long a poor strategy
  • Prices adjusted (mostly up) for skills in world trainers
  • Forge graphics updated
  • Fix scroll bar behaviour, should be better behaved
  • Various typos and formatting issues fixed
  • Tweaked difficulty of higher level monsters (a bit harder now at higher levels
  • [Demo Only] – display demo info and fix XP loss when max level reached
  • Updated bug auto-reporting to supply some world info
  • [Windows Only] Patching is automated, no more manually unzipping
    NOTE: this will only take affect after Beta 6.0, so if you do have issues with patching I suggest re-downloading the full game.