Heroes of a Broken Land – Alpha 0.3.0

Alpha 0.3.0 has been uploaded, play it here!

Check out a video showing off the new features:

What’s New?

  • Lizardman outposts have been added.  Befriend these outposts to recruit Lizard Heroes to your side. Lizards are good fighters with the abilty to regenerate their health.
  • Improved relationships with outposts means you’ll have to work harder to gain their favour, plus you’ll have to choose your friends now, since you can’t be on good terms with everyone
  • Persistent dungeons, you can now leave and return without the dungeon resetting.  Plus you can now save from dungeons (about time!)
  • Bug reporting added: click on the red bug on the settings menu to quickly report any issues
  • Plus a number of tweaks, balancing and bug fixes