Heroes of a Broken Land – Alpha 0.7.0

The newest version of Heroes of a Broken Land is now avaialble.

Lots of good stuff in this release:

  • New Hero portraits are now available
  • A UI rework is underway and 0.7.0 has the first preview
  • Character development is now more important, attributes are more influencial making level up attribute point selection more important and meaningful
  • Skill selection on level up, now you will select which skill to learn on level up, allowing you to customize your Hero
  • Lots of new skills, especially for fighters and other melee classes: counter attacks, weapon specializations and more
  • Lizards are now bezerkers – they attack automatically, but are powerful
  • Treasure rooms at the end of the larger dungeons
  • A world event system as been added, you will be faced with hard and interesting choices related to kingdom management
  • Numerous small bug fixes as well

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New UI and Portraits

New UI and New Portraits