Heroes of a Broken Land – Alpha 0.9.1

Alpha 0.9.1 is now out, lots of improvements and fixes all around.

Try the latest version of Heroes of a Broken Land

    • Added status effect icons (bless, stun, etc) to indicate character status
    • Stunned characters cannot counter attack
    • Character customization from the Adventurer’s Guild
    • Increase base world movement points by 33% (6 -> 8)
    • Show victory stats when dungeon is cleared
    • Golem factory changed, skills are now based on Golem level
    • Tool-tip help added to most UI elements
    • Improved UI icon images (still a WIP)
    • Improved scrollbars (a bit…)
    • Building and World UI screen cleanup, making the UI more consistent (not done yet!)
    • Cleanup Character stats screen, split Skills into separate tab for more detailed descriptions
    • Fix some transition issues with HUD background
    • Fixed Treasure Hunt quest
    • Improved dungon defeat and win screens
    • Plus lots of minor tweaks and fixes

What’s next? There are still quite a few features to add before the game’s done, my next focus will be on

  • Party selection at start – allow the player to choose the classes of their initial party
  • Improve the dungeon object variety, more interactive objects (this will be on going throughout development)
  • Fix the dungeon graphics, there are quite a few minor gliches that are bothering me

Of course the game is still in development and I love to hear suggestions. So give it a try and let me know!