Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 7.0

Beta 7.0 brings a huge amount of fixed and improvements!

The most noticable change is you now choose your Wizard! Each wizard has a unique power that improves your heroes in a unique way.

















Plus lots and lots of bug fixes:

  • Stables added – build to increase movement points
  • Quest log will now focus on quest location if known (double click entry)
  • World map now shows treasure, dungeons and monsters. Clicking will focus view.
  • Fix Holy Light – will now heal even if monsters defeated
  • Skill list scroll bar overlap fixed
  • Books will now be grayed out of skill is already known
  • Monster stats show kill count
  • Fame Lv popup will not correctly handle when multiple fame levels are gained
  • Fixed dungeon quests auto-ending after completing a main Quest
  • Mouse wheel now scrolls lists
  • Items now show stats in stores and inventory (via tooltip)
  • Monster gold drop tweaked
  • Resist spell fixed, was not properly calculating resitances
  • Skill list now has tabs to filter skills (All, Healing only, Fire only, etc)
  • Fixed stupid bug with non-combat skill levels wrong for Elite classes
  • Hero statistics now tracked and viewable (# kills, total damage, etc)
  • Add Auto-heal button to item screen, uses potions to heal party to full health
  • Fix potential bug causing ladders to disappear
  • Level-up screen attributes fixed
  • Teleporters added to dungeons
  • Can modify hero names in Adventure’s Guild
  • Any party standing on a Town or surrounding tile is considered in Town (found in Guild, etc)
  • Waiting in dungeons will auto-collect loose items (gold, potions, etc)
  • Updated SFX for many spells
  • Music playlist more varied inside dungeons
  • R-click town icons to center view
  • Fix Main quest breakage – you can now finish the game once more!
  • Fixed Void altars not giving MP
  • Wizard selection enabled
  • Tweaked ladder collision, should now be able to click through to disarm traps
  • Added tooltips to describe items (books & potions) in stores and inventory
  • Added weapon class info to class help screen
  • Fix issue when locked doors are clicked on to close
  • Added damage/duration info to more spells (Burn, Poison, etc)
  • Keyboard shortcut for save/load (F5/F9 by default, change in settings)

Whew! That’s a lot of fixes.  HOBL is getting closer and closer to the first final release.  It’ll be mostly fixes and balancing for the next while.