Beta around the Corner

Heroes of a Broken Land is about to release its first Beta version, which is a big peronal milestone for me and the game. But what exactly does Beta mean for you?

Beta means that the core gameplay mechanics – how you fight, explore and build towns – are working, reasonably fun and mostly bug free. Numbers will change, but the underlying systems will not.

It also means that the content – level design, art, UI, etc. – are all in place and at a quality level that represents the final product, if still in need of polish.

Beta doesn’t mean is that game is finished. Not by a long shot!

There’s still tons to do, but the focus is now on polish – making what’s already there better.

I’ll be filling out any holes in content that I find, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s so to speak. There will still be new game content – making dungeons more varied and interesting will likely be the main focus of Beta. There will also be new world events and quests added as well, but you probably won’t be seeing any new races or classes added.

It’s an exciting time for Heroes of a Broken Land!