Heroes of a Broken Land – Alpha 11.0

Heroes of a Broken Land has been updated once again!

This version should be the last update until Beta, it’s also your last chance to pre-order the game before the price goes up!

So what’s new in Alpha 11.0?  The main focus has been on the UI and making the game systems more visible to the player with tool tips and tutorials.

  • Tutorial system implemented
  • New Game intro sequence added
  • Non-human Town art updated
  • Magic items now coloured
  • Spells now show damage in description
  • New item enchantments added (elemental resistances)
  • Tooltip help for stats & attributes
  • Fix for long dungeon victory screen, now scrollable
  • Fix for ladders not properly opening
  • Save game compatibility enforced (can load 0.9.0 or newer games)
  • Typos, UI bugs and lots of minor issues fixed

desert_town_a11 swamp_town_a11 tutorial_town_a11