Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 7.4 released!

Beta 7.4 is a mostly a bug-fix release, addressing some dungeon generation bugs and some UI improvements.

A Wwarning: Due to a change in how dungeons are generated (to prevent broken teleporters) all in-progress dungeons will be reset. You may want to consider completing dungeons before upgrading.

  • Fix issue where multiple teleporters were placed on the same spot
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to item menu
  • Added favorites skill list (starred skills, click next to MP cost to toggle)
  • Prevent monster spawning from Tutorial Dungeon
  • Fix bug with save games while party is on teleporter
  • Added keyboard shortcut for auto-attack (Z)
  • Prevent selling of key quest items
  • Fix hang when removing parties from the guild
  • Add Restore MP ability to fully restore MP by items
  • Teleporters can now be activated by Passing while standing on them
  • Fix farm income not showing in overview screen