Heroes of a Broken Land Updated – Beta 7.5

A new week brings a new verions. Beta 7.5 brings a long list of fixes and improvments, some key changes are an autosave system that saves your game at the end of each turn, plus you now have better control over your save game slots.  You’ll also find that larger maps are faster to move around in.

  • Rabid rat poison bite only poisons on hit
  • Tweak Rogue combat skills
  • Mass heal fixed again, properly applies INT and skills
  • Skill categories are now persistent
  • Tweak Curse effect length
  • Altars, fountains and switches are now on the auto map
  • Added ability to view character status on level up
  • Game now autosaves at the end of each turn
  • Load/save no longer limited to a single slot
  • [WINDOWS] Migrated save files to AppData\Local\Heroes of a Broken Land\ folder
  • Fix stat fountain interaction
  • Enchanter now affects all stores in all towns
  • Fix world map not centering on large maps
  • Fix bug where wizard power was not properly applied to all stats
  • Show stat bonus breakdown in character status screen
  • Quick and ugly fix for moving around on large maps (will improve at a later date)