Heroes of a Broken Land – Beta 7.6 Released

Another week another version!

Firstly the game now has difficulty levels! The current difficulty is now called Normal. Because the difficulty does affect the world generation you can only select the difficulty at the start of a new game. Time will tell if the new difficulty levels are balanced or not.

Plus, I’ve finally gotten around to adding a full history when exploring dungeons.


Full list of changes in Beta 7.6:

  • Magic affinity now affects all spells and reduces by a % of MP cost
  • Heroes can now be dismissed at the Town Hall
  • Fix bug in stat modifiers display
  • Dungeon message history log added (click on the compass)
  • Damage number colors added
  • Weapon mastery skills descriptions fixed
  • Fix UI breakage when returning to the world map under certain conditions
  • Fix incorrect Town icons on sidebar when switching worlds (by loading a game)
  • Fix auto map switches in multi party dungeons
  • Difficulty settings added to game creation (chosen on world generation)
  • Fix various spelling mistakes